"I believe every sales staff in every dealership everywhere should be using your service. Owner's manuals are vague, and most truck dealerships tell customers what they want to hear."—Doug Vallance, Sales, D&D RV Center, MT.

October 2018, RV Tow Check’s creator was interviewed by Greg Gerber, the founder of RV Daily Report. This podcast includes information about the RV Tow Check towing capacity app:

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  • One of the biggest mistakes that people make is accepting the TWR as the bottom line while ignoring the owner’s manual towing capacity instructions, cautions, and warnings. 
  • Contrary to opinion, the 75% or 80% rule does not ensure a safe towing capacity combination. Read why here.
  • Four formula sets are required to calculate accurate towing capacity. If you don't know these precise calculations, then you'll need RV Tow Check.
  • Three years of development from the original 'Before You Buy RV' web-based towing calculator app to today's RV Tow Check app by listening to the needs and complaints from numerous RVers.
  • This mobile app tool is strongly recommended for anyone owning or considering a tow vehicle less than a late-model one-ton dually truck.
  • Over 400,000 successful calculations since conception of the web-based mobile app without error from the internal math equations.
  • The RV Tow Check mobile app was announced in the weekly RV Dealers Association News Brief.

App Description

The RV Tow Check mobile app was created for buyers and dealers by an RV owner who experienced the frustrations of RV buying and matching up a tow vehicle with a trailer correctly. This app is a small price to pay considering it can save one from a very costly mistake by failing to accurately know the realistic vehicle towing capacity.

RV Tow Check is the first 'Before You Buy an RV' towing capacity calculator that conforms to manufacturers' weight safety and warranty warnings and complies with the SAE J2807 trailer weight rating (TWR) calculation methodology.

The RV Tow Check mobile app answers the most often asked questions about towing capacity. Such as "How much can my truck tow?" or "How much can my SUV tow?" or "How much can my motor coach tow?"

The RV Tow Check mobile app can assist all RV buyers and dealers to ensure tow vehicles are correctly matched to any towed vehicle by providing the optimum towing capacity.

The RV Tow Check mobile app towing calculator provides users with the choice of beginner or expert mode of operation. It is recommended that first-time app users start with the beginner mode and learn from the detailed instructions and pertinent details to become an expert user.

RV Tow Check simplifies the process of obtaining the realistic vehicle towing capacity for any vehicle towing a trailer, and it is as accurate as the weights that are entered into it.

RV Tow Check displays realistic vehicle towing capacity for a fifth wheel or gooseneck, and conventional trailers (bumper pull) simultaneously and provides instant results when selecting various kingpin or tongue weight percentages.

The RV Tow Check mobile app requires a minimum of four inputs by the buyer or dealer. The required entries are gross combination weight rating (GCWR), gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), the gross vehicle weight (GVW), and trailer weight ratings (TWR) for fifth wheel, gooseneck and conventional trailers. No other towing calculator will provide this type of accurate towing capacity.

RV Tow Check mobile app users have the option to select a fifth wheel hitch if it is not installed in the truck to ensure users are getting the most accurate towing capacity results.

RV Tow Check users may include any additional unscaled weight for cargo, aftermarket equipment, and passenger weight. The app does not assume everyone weighs 150 pounds as the manufacturers do.

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What Others Are Saying

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"This is the best towing calc tool I've used so far." [sic] B. Pollock, Facebook

"This calculator makes it much more obvious and easy to understand just what we are doing. Thanks." Heartland RV Club member

"RV Tow Check App should be called the RV Sales BS Detector." [sic] RV forum member, 8Muddypaws

"I just had a tough time deciding which Ram 3500 CC 4x4 to choose. 68RFE or Aisin transmission. Short bed or long bed. SRW or DRW. I choose the long bed, DRW with Aisin. Using the calculator I am golden for towing my 15,500 GVWR 5th wheel. But, if I had chosen the 68RFE transmission, I would be right on the edge. The other options would have put me under." [sic] Heartland RV Club member

"I've decided after… punching my daughter's trucks numbers into the RV Tow Check app, there is "NO 1/2 ton 5th wheel" under the 6000 lbs GVWR, that her F150 should be able to safely tow!!! Dad is going to wise up and recommend she shop for a bumper pull." [sic] Heartland RV Club member.

"If I had this tool in 2008, I would have avoided a costly $15,000 mistake. I created RV Tow Check to save you from making a costly mistake." Dave Gray, creator of RV Tow Check

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Revealing the whole truth about
Realistic Vehicle Towing Capacity

Towing Guides Are Often Misinterpreted

Practically all towing guides give RVers and dealers just enough information that may cause an RVer to purchase or dealer to sell a trailer too heavy for a tow vehicle's capabilities. Towing guides listing maximum tow capacity or tow limits fail to take into consideration the different towing requirements between 5th wheel and conventional trailers. These simple guides do not consider the additional payload weight created by the trailer kingpin weight. Often, vehicle owners neglect reading the owner’s manual towing chapter instructions, cautions, and warnings.  Then there is the problem of knowing the realistic vehicle towing capacity of a tow vehicle after it is fully loaded with passengers, cargo, optional equipment, and a fifth wheel or gooseneck hitch. Even the creators of the most well known towing guide published by Trailer Life use to devote four pages of instructions, entitled 'Choose Wisely,' that spelled out the details required for selecting the correct towing combination.

Quote From The Trailer Life Towing Guide

"WEIGHT: The tow-ratings guide in this section lists the maximum tow ratings for vehicles with specific equipment, but many buyers interpret the maximum vehicles' tow ratings with far too much optimism. Always check the manufacturer's figures before making a purchase. The following is an explanation of the terms you need to know which, when combined with readings from a public scale and from your own calculator, should help you determine the correct tow rating for the tow vehicle you plan to buy."

The problem for most, buyers and dealers do not know all the calculation formulas to be able to discern the realistic vehicle towing capacity. The RV Tow Check calculator app solves that problem. RV Tow Check is the only mobile-friendly app created to provide realistic vehicle towing capacity.

Let's get real—None of the towing guides have improved this statistic.

The RV Safety and Education Foundation (RVSEF) data indicates that 60% of all tow vehicles on the road exceed one or more weight safety ratings. "Many of these trucks exceed all of their ratings." (Walter Cannon, RVSEF Video, @14 minutes, 50 seconds)

Even Trailer Life's Towing Guide does not include the weight safety formula for calculating towing capacity based on available payload.

"As an RVer and the app creator, I am confident that the RV Tow Check app will aid thousands of RV buyers and dealers in making better choices for the RV purchase or sale. Buying an RV is big life investment decision. RV Tow Check will help with part of that decision. Additionally, I anticipate that the RV Tow Check app will become an industry standard for consumers and dealers." Dave Gray

Manufacturer's specs+tow vehicle weight+RV Tow Check=
ealistic Vehicle Towing Capacity

RV Tow Check is the answer to the following questions:

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What app will answer "do you have enough truck?"

A note from the app creator:

100% of the negative app reviews at the app stores are guilty of at least one of the following.

  1. Failure to watch the app promo video and/or read the app description.
  2. Failure to read and comprehend app beginner instructions.
  3. Failure to read the comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.
  4. Entering incorrect tow vehicle weight information.
  5. Disbelief of the results of correctly entered weight information.
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