RVTC Interactive Demo

This interactive demo is the former web-based app and provides realistic vehicle towing capacity. It does not appear precisely like the RVTC app. However, the math calculations are identical.

Walter and Hazel found the fifth wheel RV of their dreams. The dry weight is 12,277 pounds. After Water's excellent advice from members of a Facebook RV group, he will look for a truck that will tow a trailer's GVWR. Walter called the RV salesperson and learned the trailer's GVWR is 16,000 pounds. The following day, Walter and Hazel found a truck they really like. The car salesperson told them the truck has a towing capacity of 18,500 pounds and will tow the trailer fine.

Should Walter and Hazel believe the car salesperson?

To be sure he will not make a costly mistake, Walter purchased the RV Tow Check App. He wants to learn the truck's realistic vehicle towing capacity and to ensure he can safely stop the rig.

Below is the picture Walter took of the trailering information label on the truck. The truck does not have a 5th wheel hitch installed.

Trailering Information Label
GM has tailored a label suitable for RV Tow Check.


For this demo, all the required truck trailering information is entered and may not be changed.

Walter estimated he would have about 150 pounds of cargo.

Walter, Hazel, and their German Shepard weigh 405 pounds.

You may adjust the entry info below the Unscaled Tow Vehicle Weight (i.e., 5th wheel hitch check box, Gear/Cargo & Misc., entry box, and Driver/Passengers Weight entry box).

Select various pin or tongue weight percentages to view the different realistic vehicle towing capacity results.

  • Will Walter and Hazel’s truck selection avoid exceeding the weight safety ratings if towing the trailer of their dreams? You be the judge.
  • Is it reasonable to tow a trailer exceeding the vehicle's weight safety ratings? It's your decision.

Tow Vehicle Certification Ratings


Tow Vehicle Weight

Tow Vehicle Trailer Weight Rating
Fifth Wheel TWR

Conventional TWR

Unscaled Tow Vehicle Weight
 If you DO NOT have a 5th wheel hitch installed, tap (check) the box.

Gear/Cargo & Misc.

Driver/Passengers Weight

Realistic Vehicle Towing Capacity

Max 5th Wheel Towing
Pin Weight Percentage Selector
15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Max towing weight for selected PW %
Max Conventional Towing
Tongue Weight Percentage Selector
Max towing weight for selected TW %
Compliant per SAE J2807

Red: This zone is not wholly unsafe. However, it is rare for PW or TW percentages to fall within the red zone. Choosing the red zone is a higher risk.

Yellow: Safer selection than choosing the red zone. The national average falls within the yellow range.

Green: Choosing this zone offers peace of mind and will more likely not exceed the tow vehicle’s weight safety ratings.

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